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Professor T.M.R.Kutty, hailing from Panangattiri near Kollamkode in Palakkad district, is now at the pinnacle of fame. His home named Thever Bhavan displays countless documents that exemplify each step of his development as a well known astrologer. These documents include video tapes and photographs of rare moments that he had spent with famous personalities and their written certifications for Prof.Kutty's apt predictions. The home displays awards and citations that he had received also. He considers these awards and other documents as manifestation of the achievements of his life and he keeps them close to his heart.




T.R. Jaya Prakash Kutty can make his services in Palmistry, Astrology, Selection of birthstones available in your neighbourhood. T.R. Jayaprakash Kutty is the elder son of late prof. T.M.R. Kutty Swamiji, the word famous Astrologer/Palmist from the village Panangattiri in palakkad district of kerala state, South India. Prof. Kutty left the world of Palmistry and Predictions at the age of eighty in the year 2009. Though he passed away, his predictions and contributions in the field of astrology and palmistry are still there in the minds of thousands. He predicted the past, present, and future of more than 10 lakh people from all over the world! His name was considered to enter in the Limca Book of World Records for the maximum predictions done in palmisry, After the demise of Prof. Kutty, his elder son Jaya Prakash Kutty is now following his father's path and now he is doing the Astrological Predictions. He worked as the assistant to his father for a long period of about 25 years and got sufficiant experience and training in this field from his father.

Jayaprakash Kutty has got his own mellifluent style of predictions, even though he has got this inhenrent quality from his great world renowned father. He need not even look at the face or Palm of any body to give apt and absolute prediction! The voice of any body is enough to catch and absorb the problems past, present,and future, and give immediate solutions by a mere telephonic conversation.
It is a kind of trans he undergoes and picks up the vibrations of voice of persion in stress, then and there the soothing words flows into the mouthpiece of the phone or mobile. Any body will naturally think what is the profit he gains from such sooth saying. It is the habit he gained from the Great TMR Kutty Swamiji, who always, stood and cared for the Public well being. In this fast and ruthless world of cut throat commercialism, such beautiful minds will be real starlight to the dark world

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